Welcome to my blog :-)

Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog “Ellen in Ireland”!

I’m planning to be an au pair in Ireland, and this is a really exciting experience for me. Let me explain. I’m an editor at AuPairWorld and I’ve written so much about au pairing.  In one way, I know all about it. I’m an expert. But in another way, I don’t know much at all because I never have been an au pair myself. It’s one thing to know a lot about au pairing, but it’s quite another thing to be an au pair and really have it as my own adventure. So I hope I will do it well. :-)

As I am getting started with this adventure, I believe that au pairing is the best way to discover a new country, to learn a new language and to be part of a family.  Yeah, this sounds a little bit like an advertisement and as if I want to promote AuPairWorld. But no, this is it, what I heard and read from you – from all the host families and all the au pairs I have interacted with in my work. So if it doesn’t turn out to be a good experience for me I think I’ll have to talk to you again!! 😀 But whatever happens, good or bad things, I’m sure it will be an important experience for me and it’s one that I will want to share with all of you.

You see, I’m going to be reporting about my au pair time – here and on my instagram page. I want to report about all the aspects of au pairing, the up sides and the down sides and the in between times. I’m hoping to find a friendly and open-minded host family that will enjoy this blogging project with me. (More about that soon.) And I hope you will enjoy the adventure with me too. Keep your fingers crossed! :-)

More about me, about the decision to be an au pair and about my search for a host familiy, will be coming in my next blog posts.

And I’ll be looking forward to your comments, feedback and questions.

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog :-)

  1. eri

    hi Ellen. , im from Indonesia. I im not confidence yet if i can manage my language with English but I wish I could go to Australia next year when I finish my collage .
    can I be an au pair if my English not well enough ?

    hehe ^^

  2. Svetlana

    Hi Ellen!! Again :)

    but now I’m wrriting u to let u know that I’m in Ireland! I arrived on Monday, but I’m a bit far… I’m in Kildalkey, Co. Meath I would like to join your meetings but I think Im to far. I will have my weekends free so perhaps I can go. I’m folowing you on instagram so I’m in touch 😛 anyway my facebook is Svetlana Buzatu, if it suits you to send me a message. thanks


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