How was my first week in Dublin?


Hello everybody and lovely greetings from Ireland,

My first week in Ireland is just over – the times has flown by! :-)

So how has it been? Great, exciting and sometimes a little bit exhausting, because of so much new stuff here – and all of it in English 😀

The first day I felt a little bit homesick, because there were a lot of new things, a lot of words that I don’t understand and I really have missed my boyfriend. I had had to said goodbye to him at the airport in Germany just a few hours ago and I felt a little bit sad. But my host family was so open and friendly and welcoming that this feeling passed very quickly.

Then in the next few days my family showed me all the important arrangements and things that I need to know about and spent a lot of time with me so I got to know the family very well and I soon felt very comfortable in my new situation. On St. Patrick’s Day we rode together with bikes to the parade together and had a really nice day in the city.

At the weekend I had free time and met with another au pair. We visited lots of different places in the city and had a great time together. It’s really nice to discover a new place with another person and not alone.

And this week I made my first outings on my own with the host kids. We had a great day in the park and at the library. They’re really cute kids and it’s cool to be the au pair for this family.

So all in all it was a great week. My adventure in Ireland has started and I’m happy to know that I will be staying here for:

-1470Days -21Hours -10Minutes -5Seconds

Have a look at my new video with first impressions of Dublin!

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

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