Things, I want to do in Ireland – Bucket list

Hi everybody!

Before I came to Ireland and even now that I`m here, I have been thinking about all the things I wanted to do and see here. It´s a truly big adventure for me and I am hoping to make a lot of valuable experiences. So here is my bucket list:



  1. Be a part of my host family
    and enjoy my time with them
  2. Watch a Rugby game
  3. Learn some words in Gaelic
  4. Improve my English
  5. Go to the Dublin Writers Museum
  6. Find new friends
  7. Take a look at the Trinity College,
    especially the library ✓
  8. Drink a Guinness ✓
  9. Enjoy the street artists in Grafton Street
  10. Watch a Riverdance show
  11. See the Cliffs of Moher
  12. Enjoy an evening in Temple Bar
  13. Eat some fish and chips ✓
  14. Eat a traditional Irish dish
  15. Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day ✓
  16. See Giant’s Causeway
  17. Drive a car in left-hand traffic
  18. Participate in a whale-watching tour
  19. See Galway
  20. Get to know Irish music
  21. Learn something entirely new
  22. Tick off all items from my checklist
  23. Enjoy my stay :-)

I`ve already done some of the things listed above, but maybe I should include some new ideas, as well. What do you think? Is there anything else which should definitely not be forgotten? I would be grateful for your suggestions.

I’ll keep you updated on my list.
Talk to you soon :-)

6 thoughts on “Things, I want to do in Ireland – Bucket list

    1. Klara

      Hi Ellen, thanks for the answer! Yep, the last summer in co.Cork, I loved it there (and in Dublin too!), enjoy your stay :).

  1. Jana

    I’ve been an Aupair in Ireland for 1 year and you should definitely visit Co. Kerry. There is a lot to see and do, like the Ring of Kerry, Killarney town and Killarney National Parc, Dingle and the Sleahead Drive. There are beautiful beaches like Banna Beach, Inch Beach and the Beach/ Cliffs in Ballybunion.
    Enjoy your time in Ireland!!

  2. Sarah

    You should definitely visit Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin (the jail is pure history).
    When visiting Galway, go to the Aran Islands! They are amazing! And last but not least, go and watch a hurling match!!

  3. Stefanie

    You should definitely go to Killarney and Kerry in general. I’m living here atm and I love it. I also visited the big citys of Ireland but Killarney is still one of my favourite towns here. There are so many things to see and the landscape is stunning. BTW I’m also an Au Pair. 😉

  4. evelyne ngoumela

    merci pour vos récits, j aime beaucoup ce pays et je me permet de le découvrir a travers votre séjour

    très cordialement

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