How to find friends in your host country?

Hi guys,

One important thing, when you’re far away from home and having your au pair adventure, is to find friends. Friends can turn a day that starts out difficult into one of the best days of your life. And it’s so much more fun to discover a country together with others. But if you’re starting out all alone in a new place, how do you take the first steps and get to know new people?IMG_0523

I found my first friend here in a group on Facebook called “Au pairs in Dublin”. There are lots of au pairs who are looking for other au pairs to meet up with. (You’re not the only one ;-).) Check on Facebook if there is a group for your host country. Another possibility using Facebook is to write a post on the Facebook page of AuPairWorld. A lot of au pairs from all over the world are looking there to find some new friends.

I also have found some friends with my blog and my Instagram page. I have got to know a lot of people through writing about my au pair adventure and sharing my experiences with you. So if you have fun with blogging or if you have an Instagram page, this can also be good way to make a first step to having contact with others. On Instagram you only need to look for some hashtags like #aupairindublin and you will find a lot of other au pairs.

You also can find new friends while you’re doing your hobbies in your host country. Maybe you want to continue doing your favourite sport while in your host country. This can give you a simple and direct way to meet other people who share an interest with you.

What I don’t know yet, is how it is to find friends in the language course. My course starts next week. I’m expecting that there will probably be some nice people to get to know there. I hope so, because I’d like to find a few more friends to enjoy this cool country with. Or sometimes just to have someone to complain about how difficult it is to remember all these English grammar rules or how I hate the rain. 😀 (There are all kinds of things you can do with friends!)

Talk to you soon :-)


PS: Do you have some other ideas for topics you’d like me to blog about or do you have some questions? I’m looking forward to hearing from you!:-)

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