Holidays for an au pair

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The issue of holidays is a big topic for a lot au pairs: When will I have my holiday? How can I plan it? Can I choose when to take my holiday? How many days do I have?

Not every question has such a clear and definite answer. As with most aspects of an au pair stay, it is a matter of giving and taking with your host family. It’s a topic that you need to talk about with them in detail and with plenty of time in advance. How many free days you are officially entitled to depends on your host country. Look at the Infos host country on AuPairWorld to check on this.

The question when you will take your holiday is something you of course need to discuss with your host family. Often the family has their own plans to travel at a particular time and then it is good when you take your holiday during this time. Don’t forget that the family often isn’t as flexible as you. The best thing you can do is to speak about all these things at the beginning of your stay. If the family does not have any specific plans of its own and is flexible, then maybe you can suggest a time for your holiday. Sometimes you can also join your family when they go on holiday. But speak about it beforehand, and clarify if they will need you for babysitting or if it is holiday for you as well.

How is it in my family?

My family told me before I arrived here that they have plans to be on holiday in July, and that I should best take my holiday then. But they also asked me to join them for a few days holiday here in Connemera. I will help them with the kids and we can spend some time together. I am lucky with my family that they can be flexible on some days. For example, this week my boyfriend visited me for a long weekend. So I asked them for a free day on Monday and I will work on another day. For example on Saturday or Sunday for babysitting. That’s really cool, but of course that doesn’t work every time and I understand this.

So my tip for you: Talk to your family about the holidays. Understand that it isn’t possible for every family to be flexible. And families need to understand that every au pair wants to travel a little bit and needs some time for it.

How does it works in your family?

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

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