My top 10 reasons to be an au pair

Hi guys,

To be an au pair is a decision only you can make. But today I want to give you ten reasons that might make it more likely that your final decision will be: YES! Here they are:qxYMwVTBi

  1. Get to know a new country and culture: As an au pair you can discover a new country and get to know a new culture. And you will see the country how it really is. You’re not only a tourist, you work and live in your host country as a person who really belongs.
  2. Make new friends: You will find a lot of new friends from all over the world. It’s very special to discover a new country with new friends and to travel together. And the best is – you can visit your friends in their home countries after you au pair stay. :-)
  3. A second home: You become part of a new family, and have a new place that you can call your own with real insider knowledge. It feels like a new home (or Heimat as we say in German) :-)
  4. See how the little ones grow up: When you take care of your host kids, you are a part of their life. And you will see a lot of first steps they make. Maybe you will be there when they’re really taking their first steps or speaking their first words, when the first tooth falls out or for the first day of school. This is real-life drama and you will never forget it.
  5. Learning a new language: To live in the country where the language you want to learn is spoken, is the best possible way to gain language skills. You’re improving the whole day long while you’re talking to your host family, your friends, in your everyday life when you go to a shop, not to mention the possibility of attending a language school.
  6. Experiences for your life: As an au pair, it may well be the first time you’re on your own without your parents. It teaches you all kinds of things about independence and your strengths and weaknesses. These are life-changing experiences.
  7. Cheap way to travel: And not to forget, au pairing is a cheap way to travel and to live in another country for a while. You help your host family and you can live and eat with them for free. :-)
  8. Learn a lot about yourself: When you’re living in another country, with new people, a new language and lot of new challenges and responsibilities, you will learn a lot about yourself and you get to know yourself better. You will grow up as well! :-)
  9. Travel: As an au pair you have a chance to travel a lot in your free time. I make a lot of short trips with other au pairs at the weekends and it’s just amazing!
  10. Unforgettable memories: And last but not least, you will be making a lot of great and unforgettable memories for yourself. This is your adventure, far away from home. And it could well be that you’ll still be telling stories about this time to your own children some day. 😉

Thanks for reading. What do you think? What are your reasons to be an au pair?

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

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