Things that make me fall in love with Ireland

IMG_3244Hi guys,

When I chose Ireland as my host country with the plan of living here for 6 months, I was pretty sure that it would be a beautiful country and that I would love it. I’m happy to report that I was totally right. There are a lot of things that I love here in Ireland and in Dublin. It’s just a beautiful country.  But what exactly has made me fall in love with it? I’ll tell you:

  • The colourful landscape: Everywhere in Ireland I see wonderful landscapes with a lot of colours. I never saw so many colours in a country. Of course it is the “green island”, and there is a lot of green here. But not only green, there is the blue of the sea, the yellow sand, and the blue, yellow, red, pink and purple flowers and plants. I really love it!
  • The pubs: It’s not a secret that the pubs in Ireland are great. Definitely, they’re the best. In every pub I’ve been to here, I’ve met nice people, enjoyed a good atmosphere, nice live music, good beer and delicious food. You’ve never experienced the best in pub life if you haven’t been to a real Irish pub (in Ireland)!
  • The Irish burger: I love food and I really love burgers. In Germany I try out the burgers in every restaurant I go to to find the best burger. I didn’t know that I would find them here in Dublin. I never ate such delicious burgers like the ones here in Ireland. And they are all great – in every pub and every restaurant I’ve been to.
  • The Irish: I really like the people here! Everywhere I go, I meet nice people! In every shop, restaurant, wherever I go, I’m welcomed with a “Hi, how are you?” even if I don’t know the people. I really like that. In Germany you get only a hello, if anything.
  • The trees: Really there are lot of beautiful trees here in Dublin. That’s so nice. I never saw so many colourful trees in a city. It’s just gorgeous!
  • The castles: Of course I knew there are a lot of pretty castles here in Ireland. But so many? And so beautiful? I feel like a princess, when I discover them. :-)
  • The cheddar: Yes, I love food (see above). And I love cheese! I tasted the cheddar in England last year and I really loved it. The Irish cheddar is very delicious and I’m cheddar-addicted now.
  • The shopping: I’m also addicted to shoppping (true confessions)! I’m a girl and I love it! And here in Dublin there are such a lot of nice shopping streets or centres, where I spend a lot of money! 😀
  • The street artists: And one of the most wonderful things here in Dublin while you’re shopping, is to enjoy the street artists. You can’t visit the town centre without enjoying the street artists – a lot of amazing musicians, dancers, painters and acrobats.

So this was my declaration of love to Ireland. What about your host country? Do you enjoy it and why?

Talk to you soon!


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