The “orange” nightmare or how good is my English now?

Hi guys,

English is a great language and I think much easier than German. But not as easy as I thought. Sometimes it’s one simple word that I can’t say right. For example, the word “orange”. My host kids always correct me when I say it. It’s just a nightmare because I can’t even hear what I’m saying wrong. 😀 But apart from this, I really like improving my English here in Ireland. What’s the rest of the story? Take a look at my video, where I tell you more.

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

One thought on “The “orange” nightmare or how good is my English now?

  1. Brandon

    After being an aupair now in Hamburg for 9 months, and teaching English my best tip and one that I use in my learning of German is, practice your new language with someone you want to impress, be that a close friend or your partner. Practice with them even if they don’t 100%understand.:)

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