The real problems when you’re an au pair

Hi guys,

At first a little warning: The following text has some ironic moments. If you’re allergic to irony, please stop reading immediately.

Last week I met an au pair and we had a little chat about our au pair days and the things that sometimes annoy us. It was a friendly and interesting and honest talk, so I thought I could share some of it in a post with you. Because we were talking about the real problems one has to deal with as an au pair. For example:

  1. The first problem is not being able to eat anymore in a situation that is totally quiet and with stuff that’s only yours. That’s simply not possible anymore. Every time when I’m eating something special, the children ask me: “What’s that Ellen? Can I have it?” Or: “Uhhh, that doesn’t look yummie at all!” Come on, guys. Eating is my passion and my pleasure, don’t destroy it for me. At home I really enjoy every meal and I love the quiet and that I can eat all alone. Well, if you have a brother or a sister you can’t. I know that. That’s why I’ve enjoyed it so much since I don’t live together with my brother and sister anymore. 😀
  2. The second problem is the towel problem. In Germany I don’t care when I’m walking around in my apartment wearing a towel. I don’t even care if the people in the opposite house see me. It’s my home, I can do what I want (even if they are looking in the windows). But of course I can’t do that here or the kids will be laughing at me. So after every shower I need to change my clothes in the bathroom. Isn’t that exhausting? 😉
  3. Then there’s the same problem at bedtime. At home I wear my oldest and biggest shirt and shorts for sleeping. If I need to get up in the night, I don’t care. No one will see, except maybe my boyfriend. And that’s not such a problem – if he loves me in my best dress he also has to love me in my worst dress, too. 😀  But here I always need to wear real pyjamas or my jogging pants when I need to get up. You thought it can’t be more exhausting? You see it can!
  4. I’m not a teenager anymore. I have my own flat, a job and a lot responsibilities. I have to pay everything on my own, this is it what makes me an adult. (Of course if I’m not with my parents. When I’m with my parents they pay for me:-)). But here sometimes I forget that and I start feeling and acting like a kid. When the kids are a little cheeky to me and say something like: “Oh Ellen, what you cooked is disgusting.” or: “You’re stupid!” an adult would act like an adult, be calm and wise. But not me when I’m in a certain mood. I get offended and say: “That’s it! I’m not going to play with you anymore!”  I think the next time I’ll have to call my mommy and tell her all about it.
  5. Last but no least: Privacy in important moments. Sometimes when you’re on the loo. For whatever you need to do there…brush your hair, practising your selfie face or just relaxing for 5 minutes…whatever. You only need to wait one minute and the kids will come and try to open the door. “Who’s in there?” I answer: “Me” while thinking, “Who else? No other person is in the house now.” But that’s not the end of it, there are a lot of possibilities which are coming next. “I need to go to the loo” “Ellen can you come here” “Ellen, listen I can count to 100”!

So that’s it, the real problems when you’re an au pair. 😀 Do you agree? Or what are your problems?

And before I forget, I truly love my little host kids and the whole family. This is what makes it a family – sometimes they get on your nerves. 😀

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

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