What costs will I have as an au pair?

Hi guys,

Au pairing is a good and cheap way to travel in another country and to learn a different language, but of course you still have some costs. If you are planning to be an au pair, these are some of the costs you will have:

  • Flight ticket: At first you need to pay for your flight (or other) tickets to get to your new host country and begin your au pair adventure. I try to be flexible whenever I book flights. Sometimes it can be much cheaper when you fly at 7 o’clock in the morning than after enough hours of sleep. 😀
  • Insurance: In some countries you need different types of insurance and depending on the country the au pair sometimes has to pay for this coverage. Read in Infos host countries about your host country to get more information.
  • Visa: If you need a visa for your host country, there will be some sort of fee to pay.
  • Mobility: In your host country you will want go be mobile and to be able to travel locally to meet with friends and do sightseeing. Talk to your host family how this can best be arranged in their area. For all the errands and local travel you need to do for the family (shopping, bringing the host kids to school, etc.) or for the way to the language course, your host family needs to pay. So maybe you will have a monthly local public transport ticket (for the bus or metro) or a car or bike you can use. Nonetheless, you should plan that you will need some local transport money for your activities during your free time.
  • Phone: Do you also want to use WhatsApp and Facebook etc in your host country? And not only with wifi? Then you need to plan this in your personal budget. You can buy a prepaid card in your host country or ask your phone provider if there are any other possibilities, like I did.
  • Activities: Of course you need some money if you want to go out with other au pairs, to buy a coffee or some nice food (one of the things I spend the most money on), or maybe for you hobbies or a good movie in the cinema.
  • Travel: If you want to travel around the country you really need to keep some money available for this. I love travelling around Ireland. I’m always looking for the cheapest ways to go, but I still need some money for these excursions.
  • Language course: This depends on the host country and on your family, but maybe you will need to pay for your language course.
  • Shopping: And last but not least: If you’re shopping addicted (like me), then don’t forget that you will want to buy a few things. :-)

What about you? What costs do you have? Did I forgot something?

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

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