AuPairWorld Instagram contest: Win a selfie stick!

Hi guys,

Today I want to promote a cool Instagram contest from AuPairWorld that will take place in connection with my blog.

You (and 14 others) can win a high-quality selfie stick (one of the best gadgets for your au pair adventure I think). And in a second stage of the contest there’s also the chance for five participants to win 35 EURO gift certificates from Amazon. It’s not exactly the Lotto (I know), but it should be fun and the prizes are pretty nice.

To participate, all you have to do is to post photos on the topic “My au pair stay in Ireland” on Instagram. Exactly what’s in the photo is of course up to you. Post your favourite Ireland photos, cool places that you’ve discovered in Ireland, your favourite pic with your host kids or an image that somehow captures what it means for you to be an au pair in Ireland. When you post your photo, use the hashtag: #myaupairstayireland and don’t forget to include “@elleninireland” and “@aupairworld”. You also need to be following me and AuPairWorld on Instagram to take part in the contest. The contest begins today on the 25 July 2016  and ends on 15 August 2016 at 11:00 a.m (CET).

And yes, it’s really just as simple as it sounds! :-) I’ll get the contest started with a photo on the topic on my Instagram page! I’ll be looking forward to your nice photos. Keep posting! :-)

And here the contest rules in detail:

Contest Rules “My Au Pair Stay in Ireland” on Instagram

in connection with the project “Ellen in Ireland”

“My Au Pair Stay in Ireland” is a contest of limited duration organised by Ellen Nickel in cooperation with AuPairWorld GmbH, Wolfsschlucht 27, 34117 Kassel, Germany (hereinafter “AuPairWorld”). Participation in the “My Au Pair Stay in Ireland” contest is based exclusively on the Contest Rules outlined here and does not constitute the sale of any goods or services. This Contest has no organisational connection with Instagram and thus is not being sponsored or supported or organised by Instagram.

Conditions of participation:

The contest begins on 25 July 2016 and ends on 15 August 2016 at 11:00 a.m. (CET). Participation in the “My Au Pair Stay in Ireland” contest takes place through the upload of a photo dealing with the subject of the participant’s own time as an au pair in Ireland to the Instagram account of the participant with the correct tags “#myaupairstayireland” and “@elleninireland” and “@aupairworld”. In addition, all Contest participants should be following Ellen in Ireland and AuPairWorld on Instagram. These Contest rules must be formally recognised by all participants; such recognition occurs through the uploading of a photo with the designated hashtags. All participants retain full rights over the photos that they upload. Only those persons whose Instagram accounts (and therefore their photos and profiles) are publicly viewable at Instagram will be eligible to participate in the Contest. Participants who win one of the designated prizes consent to having the photo material that they have uploaded disseminated via the social media channels of Ellen in Ireland and AuPairWorld (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Ellen’s blog and Instagram channel). The unrestricted right to make use of these photos by Ellen Nickel as well as AuPairWorld in connection with this dissemination is granted free of charge. Photos and captions that feature content which is discriminatory, insulting, racist or potentially harmful to young persons or which represent other persons or companies in a negative manner will be automatically excluded from the Contest.

Eligible participants

Eligible to participate in the Contest are persons have served or are serving as au pairs in the Republic of Ireland or in North Ireland and are 18 years of age or older. Employees of AuPairWorld, their family members as well as any persons who are involved in the realisation of this Contest whether on a technical or an organisational basis are excluded from participating.

Prizes, notification of winners, delivery of prizes

An initial selection of 15 first-­round winners will be made from among all participants; 15 high-quality selfie sticks will be awarded to these 15 winners. In a second round from among these 15 winning photos, the five persons receiving the most “likes” will be awarded an Amazon gift certificate in the amount of 35 EUR. A jury at AuPairWorld will select the winners on 17 August 2016. Winning participants will be informed about having won at the latest by 22 August 2016 through a notification in the Comments section of the photos they have uploaded. At the time of this notification, winners will be requested to send an email to to confirm their winning and to send their address data (name, address, and Instagram user name) to the Contest organisers. This confirmation must occur within 7 days of the notification. If this deadline is not met, then such unacknowledged prizes will be forfeited. After the receipt of the address data from the respective winners, AuPairWorld will send the prizes to the winners.

Data Protection

In making their submissions to the Contest, participants indicate their consent that their transmitted data (name, address and Instagram user name) may be collected, processed and used by AuPairWorld GmbH, Wolfsschlucht 27, 34121 Kassel in connection with the administration of the Contest. Participants can revoke this permission to use their data at any time by writing an email to the address From the time that such an email is received, no further use or processing of such participants’ personal data will occur. This will also result in the exclusion of these participants from the Contest. The complete deletion of such data will occur following the end of the Contest.

Exclusion of participants

AuPairWorld reserves the right to exclude participants from the Contest if they have submitted false information, have not conformed with the Contest’s conditions of participation, have engaged in any manner of manipulation of the Contest, are not full owners of the rights to the uploaded photos or if the submitted photos are in violation of generally accepted standards of Netiquette. Participation in the Contest cannot take place through the use of contest registration services.

Applicable law

The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall be the sole and exclusive legal basis for this Contest. The decisions of the jury are final.

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