My birthday in Ireland or 5 little words that warmed my heart <3

imageHi guys,

This Monday was my birthday. In the days leading up to it I was thinking that I might be a little bit sad because I couldn’t celebrate with my German family and my boyfriend and other friends in my home town. I really love to celebrate my birthday and it means a lot to me to be with the important people in my life.

As it worked out, it was a day with a few tears. But these were good tears, the kind you cry when something touches you in your heart. The day began with some nice presents from a friend, who was visiting me for few days. It was fun to have a good friend on hand. And I got a very nice video from my family with very cute wishes for my birthday. My nieces sang happy birthday, which was the reason for the first birthday tears. Later I skyped with the whole family and they all sang again. What should I say? A few more tears.

Let me tell you though what was really special and made this birthday seem different from any other I’ve celebrated. In the course of the day, I realised that it really feels like there is a second family for me here. I got a delicious cake, a happy birthday song and lovely presents from my host family. And what really warmed my heart were 5 little words that Leona my little girl wrote on the birthday card: “I love you so much”. Time for tears again and a big birthday hug with my host kids. In this moment I felt suddenly what a big place these little ones have in my heart already. And that it will be very hard when it’s time for me to leave. It’s so touching that they care about you too, which you hear in a simple question like what my host kid Conor asked me when I went out the door to celebrate the birthday with my friend: “Ellen, do you have your keys?” What a sweetie, I thought. And how lucky I am to be having these experiences.

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

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