Some little differences between Ireland and Germany

Hi guys,

I had a nice interview with another au pair blogger named Melanie Tadsen a few weeks ago. She asked me about differences that I’ve noticed between Germany and Ireland. Not so much occurred to me at that moment, but as I have thought about it more there are various things, which I want to write about today.

  • I noticed one little difference in the shops. Nearly every time when I go into a shop in Germany and I want to pay and I only have banknotes the cashier asks me for small change. I’ve never been asked this here in Ireland. What’s the matter in Germany? Where is all the small change? 😀
  • And while we’re talking about shops, there is another difference. Sometimes I’m totally lost here in Dublin, because I simply don’t know where I can buy certain things. In Germany I find a lot things in just one shop, and here there are so many different shops for different things or I find the things I’m looking for in a shop where I never would have expected them to be. For example, shampoo. Here you can buy it in a pharmacy with all the other cosmetics.
  • Ireland is so much more expensive than Germany: Food, cosmetics, shampoo, cinema all seem to cost a lot here. Ireland is a beautiful (but very expensive) country.
  • The breakfast: The Irish breakfast is completely different from the German breakfast. The classic breakfast in Ireland has baked beans, scrambled egg, sausages and toast with orange marmalade. In Germany we always have a lot of different things, rolls with a huge selection of jams (strawberry, raspberry, apricot etc.) and then all kinds of different cheeses and ham and sausage and soft-boiled eggs. I like the Irish breakfast especially the beans, but I really miss my German breakfast.
  • The beer: Both countries love it and I really like the Guiness, but Germany is definitely the world leader with beer. We have so many different beers and a lot of − as we say in Germany − “Mädchenbier” (girly-beer), beer with other flavours, for example beer with coke, sprite, grapefruit, etc.
  • And from beer it’s not far to the topic of pubs. Ireland has definitely better and totally different pubs/bars than Germany. The most pubs or bars in Germany are either very elegant and cold or just boring. But in Ireland everyone is in a good mood and there is always some good music and in the most pubs you can listen to live music. I definitely envy the Irish for the pubs!
  • Swimming: In Ireland you need to wear swim caps in the swimming pools. I think you need to do this in many countries but not in Germany. I know this from Italy but it’s still strange for me. 😀
  • Public transport: If you want to take a bus, don’t forget to hail the bus, because it probably won’t stop for you if you forget to do this. In Germany it is simply enough to wait at the right stop. Sometime we’re simpler than most people think 😀
  • And finally something I’ve really noticed: The Irish are just more relaxed and friendly than most Germans. It’s so easy to get in contact with people. Nearly everyone is open for a chat and says hello to you. And if you bump into someone by accident everyone says sorry. In Germany you only hear a stressed noise. This is an attitude that I hope I can bring back with me to Germany. :-)

Talk to you soon.

Ellen :-)


2 thoughts on “Some little differences between Ireland and Germany

  1. Sc

    Mmm i have been in dublin this august and I noticed that in swimming pool people dont wear swimming cup. I used to go in Sean McDermott Street Pool. Maybe in others swimming pools this is mandatory, i dont know. I am ialian and , yes , swim without cups it is forbidden in Italy for many decades.

    1. Ellen Nickel

      Ah ok, good to know 😀 Then they don’t have to wear it in every swimming pool. In Germany you don’t have to. Greetings and a great time in Dublin :-)

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