What a great day! An au pair meeting in Dublin

Hi guys,

imageLast Saturday I arranged a little au pair meeting here in Dublin and that was the best idea I ever had! 😀 I thought it could be nice to meet some of the au pairs here in Dublin, because there are so many, just for chatting and to share some experiences. And it could also be a good opportunity to find some new friends.

imageAnd I was right: 25 au pairs came from all over the world. There were girls from Spain, Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Czech Republic and Italy. It was so nice to hear all the stories from the au pairs: why there are here, for how long, what will they to do after au pairing, what their different host families are like, etc. etc. We shared a lot of experiences, funny stories and lots of tips about Dublin and Ireland. Where you can go out in the evening, which pubs have cheap drinks and good food, what’s a good company for taking tours around Ireland and lots more. Everyone made some new contacts and just had a great time with the best weather  Dublin has to offer.

There were so many different girls, but one thing that connected all of us… You guessed it: Au pairing! :-)

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

8 thoughts on “What a great day! An au pair meeting in Dublin

  1. Sonia

    Hi Ellen! How are you?? I read your adventures and it are so cool! I am From Argentina and I will be in Dublin as aupair too! My English isn’t very good but I can understand. I want to be in contact with you! You have a big group of girls And I would like to meet other aupair just like me! You look so happy, I am really nervous… It is my first experience doing this. So, if you want we can speak!

  2. Caro

    Hey Ellen!

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience as an au pair with the community. It’s very informative and also entertaining the way you deliver all this stuff on your blog. I’d like to spend half a year in Ireland as an au pair, too. I’ve got a question about it. I’m a little bit concerned if I will have difficulties to understand the “Irish english”. What do you think about Irish accents and perhaps the difference between the english you’ve learned at school and the language Irish people are speaking? Any difficulties?

    Best regards Caro

    1. Ellen Nickel

      Hi Caro,

      thanks for your nice comment! :-)

      The first days it was a little bit hard to understand and sometimes today as well. It depends on how hard is the accent of the person. But don’t worry, if I don’t understand I just ask, if it’s possible to say it again. And the Irish are very nice :-)

      Greetings :-)

  3. Anna

    Hey Ellen,
    are you still here in Irland? I’m having difficulties finding other aupairs and having contact..I’d love talking go you and meeting you and the other aupairs!
    Best wishes Anna

    1. Ellen Nickel

      Hi Anna,

      Yes, I’m still here but I fly back next week on friday. You can text me on Instagram and you can join me and a some au pairs at the weekend. Greetings :-)

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