What is an Au Pair?

Hi guys,

When I talk to people about what I do here in Dublin and tell them that I’m an au pair, I find that they have all kinds of different ideas about what that really is. What is an au pair? It all depends who you ask. My new video shows different answers from different people and my own thoughts, too, after four months on the job.

What’s an au pair? Watch my new video and find out!

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3 thoughts on “What is an Au Pair?

  1. Langlais

    This vid is really adorable ! :) love the kids reactions xxx
    I am so glad to come back to your blog and tell you I am going to be an au pair soon 😀 I have found an Italian family I am going to live with from the end of August. Thank you again for the great advice you give here, and the positive attitude of your blog ! :)

  2. Vanille

    Oooops I signed my message with my real name :// Ellen, would you mind deleting it and I play post it again with my good old phoney name ? :)

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