Au pairing, privacy and use of Social Media and the Internet

Hi guys,

As you saw, I was active a lot on Social Media during my au pair stay. So I thought it could be good idea to write a few words about this topic because it is quite normal today to be online a great deal, but as an au pair this often isn’t possible and it is also a point you have to talk about with your host family.

For me the situation was a little bit different. My family knew that I would be blogging about my au pair time and they agreed that I can make photos and videos of the whole family. And this is one of the first point you have to clarify with your family. Are you allowed to post photos of the kids and the family in your blog, your Instagram account or on Facebook? Some families don’t want that and you have to respect their wishes.

Another important point to clarify is this: When and how often can you be online? I was quite often online or on my phone to make the photos and all the material for my blog. But I never was online when I needed to pay attention to the kids. For example, when they cycled close to a busy road. You can’t be looking at your phone when you need to pay attention to the kids and also when they want your attention. The kids like playing with you and being with you and when you’re only busy with your phone, you can’t build a connection.

So it’s okay to be online but don’t do it too often and ask your family about their privacy wishes. To write my blog posts I used the evening when I was free. To film my videos I did it on a few days but only for a few minutes at a time, and to post on Instagram I used my free time or a minute when the kids were safe and played together and didn’t need much of my attention.

Talk to you soon (but maybe next time for the last time :-()


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