The Great Pink Run (or my new career as a pink medal winner)

Hi guys,

imageLast Saturday I took part in the Breast Cancer Ireland’s Great Pink Run here in Dublin. I only ran 5 kilometres, but it was still a great experience. It wasn’t my first running challenge, but it was my first time doing something like this alone and in another country.

I trained a lot before the run. Here in Ireland running has become more and more important and fun for me. I really enjoy running two or three time a week after a working day. It keeps my head clear and it’s kind of relaxing for me.

So this run was a great event. More than 6000 people were out there running for the good cause and all these people dressed in bright pink clothes. In a run like this there’s a wonderful atmosphere with all these people pushing you to do your best and reach the finish line. It’s such a great thing to run together with so many other happy people that you forget sometimes that you are actually running at all and that this is tiring. So the 5 kilometres were finished so fast that I couldn’t believe that I had already arrived at the finish. Of course, it was still exhausting, but the adrenalin and the great atmosphere give you a special kind of energy.

So my final conclusion: I definitely will do it again. Maybe in another country 😉

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

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