Things from Ireland I’ll be missing

Hi guys,

So this is my last week in Dublin, and as I get ready to move on I’m thinking about all the things I will miss when I’m back in Germany.

It starts of course with my wonderful host family and friends here. I love my two little host kids and I can’t imagine how it will be when I don’t see them each day anymore. I have had such a great time together with them and with my host family, and I think I will miss the life that I’ve enjoyed here with this family a lot. And also all the friends I have made here. We all have had a great time discovering a country together. This will be something that I will always treasure and miss now when that time is finished.

And then I will miss taking the double-decker busses when I go somewhere. I really like to sit upstairs at the front and to see all of Dublin from there. Of course it is very rickety up there but still a great way to travel in Dublin :-)

The music is another thing I definitely will miss. The great live music in all the great pubs and all the street musicians in Grafton Street.

And while we’re talking about the pubs, of course I will miss them too. There is nothing better than an Irish pub. I will miss this great atmosphere.

In the houses and buildings throughout the city there are a lot of great doors, in all kinds of different colours. I will miss them, because they make Dublin so beautiful – every door has a different colour and a different look and together they give the city a special feeling.

And I can’t say it enough: I love the burgers here :-) So I will definitely miss this tasty (and not too expensive) way of eating out!!

And it’s not only the burgers that are delicious. So many cafés here have lovely cakes. Maybe it’s better for my weight not to have such easy access to these delicious cakes, but I will still miss them. :-)

And last but not least I will miss the great Irish people! Everyone is so friendly and nice here. It’s so easy to get in contact and to talk to someone even if you don’t understand everything. The Germans are not known as the friendliest people in the world…so I will definitely miss the lovely Irish 😀

To put it in a nutshell: I fell in love with Ireland and I will never forget this wonderful adventure!

Talk to you soon (maybe from Germany the next time)

Ellen 😉

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