When friends come over…

Hi guys,

“Friendship, this is like home.” Tucholksy

And this is it how it was when friends or family visited me here in Dublin – it felt like a piece of home.

My boyfriend visited for 5 days, a friend from England came over my birthday, my aunt with my two cousins were here for 5 days, and a few days ago my best friend and her boyfriend were able to visit…and it was great with all of them. It’s very nice to be able to show visitors where you live and what are you doing here, to share interesting places and your favourite foreign things with them. You share your adventure and at the same time make some great new memories together.

So with my best friend and her boyfriend I have just enjoyed some terrific days together. I showed them a little bit of Dublin, my favourite places and of course we talked a lot. It was nice to speak a little bit of German and to have my best friend there to talk with. That’s one thing I miss here – the long talks with my best friends. (All the better that I have you to share all my experiences with the whole time:-D)

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

2 thoughts on “When friends come over…

    1. Ellen Nickel

      Hi Hillary,

      that depends on the family. For my family it was ok, when my boyfriend and friend were coming over to stay here. But just ask your family if it is ok for them.

      Best wishes Ellen :-)

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