Thanks for taking part in our Instagram contest!

Hi guys,

Thank you very much for taking part in the Instagram contest run by AuPairWorld and me. The contest is now over and we had a meeting yesterday to choose the winner, which was definitely not easy, because a lot of au pairs posted so many amazing photos to “My au pair stay in Ireland”.

The winners of the selfie sticks were informed yesterday, so have a look at your posted picture again to see if you’re one of them :)

I’ll keep you updated!

Ellen :)

Holiday at home :-)

Hi guys,

I’m on holiday right now (in my hometown). That’s why you you haven’t been hearing much from me recently. I’m spending lots of time with my family, boyfriend and friends and I’m really enjoying it. It’s so nice to be at home and have a few days with the persons you love. On the other hand, it was pretty sad saying goodbye to my host kids. Yes, it’s only for a few days and then I will come back for the rest of my au pair stay, but it was still hard. My host kids have a big place in my heart now and when they hug you and say that they will miss you so much, it’s not easy not to cry. Continue reading

What is an Au Pair?

Hi guys,

When I talk to people about what I do here in Dublin and tell them that I’m an au pair, I find that they have all kinds of different ideas about what that really is. What is an au pair? It all depends who you ask. My new video shows different answers from different people and my own thoughts, too, after four months on the job.

What’s an au pair? Watch my new video and find out!

Talk to you soon!


What`s an Irish Pub?

Hi guys,

Ireland is famous for its pubs – and with good reason. They’re really great! Additionally to a little tour through the famous Irish Pubs I have some interesting background information for you.

Watch my video where I share some answers with you!

Talk to you soon,


AuPairWorld Instagram contest: Win a selfie stick!

Hi guys,

Today I want to promote a cool Instagram contest from AuPairWorld that will take place in connection with my blog.

You (and 14 others) can win a high-quality selfie stick (one of the best gadgets for your au pair adventure I think). And in a second stage of the contest there’s also the chance for five participants to win 35 EURO gift certificates from Amazon. It’s not exactly the Lotto (I know), but it should be fun and the prizes are pretty nice. Continue reading

Another au pairing blog:

Hi guys,

My blogging colleague Melanie runs an interesting blog all about au pairing at the website Melanie was an au pair in the USA and Australia and now is working as a nanny in London. On a regular basis, Melanie interviews au pairs in different countries and other persons involved in au pairing and presents these interviews as part of her blog. Recently she’s had interviews with au pairs in Sydney and Paris as well as with an au pair counsellor working in the USA.

And I’ve been saving the best for last ;-)… Melanie’s latest interview was with me (!) and it’s been published now at her site. You can take a look here at Ellen’s Interview and see what I have to tell. (FYI: The interview is in German.)

Talk to you soon,

Ellen :-)