What is an Au Pair?

Hi guys,

When I talk to people about what I do here in Dublin and tell them that I’m an au pair, I find that they have all kinds of different ideas about what that really is. What is an au pair? It all depends who you ask. My new video shows different answers from different people and my own thoughts, too, after four months on the job.

What’s an au pair? Watch my new video and find out!

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The Au Pair Mix – Some thoughts at half-time of my au pair stay

Hi guys,

I’ve been here in Dublin for three months now, half-time in my au pair stay. I’ve had good days and bad days, I’ve laughed and cried, travelled through the country and become part of a family. I’ve found new friends and missed my friends and family at home. But all in all, I’ve had (and am having) a great time and learning a lot as an au pair. Take a look at my new video with my latest thoughts about this au pairing life:


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Ellen :-)