The “orange” nightmare or how good is my English now?

Hi guys,

English is a great language and I think much easier than German. But not as easy as I thought. Sometimes it’s one simple word that I can’t say right. For example, the word “orange”. My host kids always correct me when I say it. It’s just a nightmare because I can’t even hear what I’m saying wrong. 😀 But apart from this, I really like improving my English here in Ireland. What’s the rest of the story? Take a look at my video, where I tell you more.

Talk to you soon!

Ellen :-)

How to find the right language school?

Hi guys,

To get the most out of my au pair stay in Ireland, I want to take part in a language course. Of course I’m improving my English all the time in my daily life here – when I’m talking to my host family, to other au pairs and people I meet, or when I go out to a pub or cafĂ©. But a language course helps at another level to learn new vocabulary and the right grammar. Plus, it gives me the chance to meet other peoples from other cultures who also want to improve their English skills. Continue reading