Thanks for taking part in our Instagram contest!

Hi guys,

Thank you very much for taking part in the Instagram contest run by AuPairWorld and me. The contest is now over and we had a meeting yesterday to choose the winner, which was definitely not easy, because a lot of au pairs posted so many amazing photos to “My au pair stay in Ireland”.

The winners of the selfie sticks were informed yesterday, so have a look at your posted picture again to see if you’re one of them :)

I’ll keep you updated!

Ellen :)

AuPairWorld Instagram contest: Win a selfie stick!

Hi guys,

Today I want to promote a cool Instagram contest from AuPairWorld that will take place in connection with my blog.

You (and 14 others) can win a high-quality selfie stick (one of the best gadgets for your au pair adventure I think). And in a second stage of the contest there’s also the chance for five participants to win 35 EURO gift certificates from Amazon. It’s not exactly the Lotto (I know), but it should be fun and the prizes are pretty nice. Continue reading